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Rubi Rose Is Vying For Her Spot To Be The Loading Screen For Grand Theft Auto 6

We use the cliche "this broke the internet!" a lot on this blog. But I mean it when I say we're a few weeks out from it actually being broken after Rockstar announced they're dropping the trailer for GTA 6 soon:

Grand Theft Auto games transcend generations. They're cultural shifts. What tweet with absolutely no media and just a few words of a teaser for an actual trailer that is dropping gets 170 million views and 1.5 million likes? Those Kpop accounts don't even pull anywhere near that. Anyway, gaming is about to be saved, but now we run into the most important issue: who is going to be the coveted loading screen for the game that will likely take 5 minutes to load? The GTA 5 loading screen is up there with the Mona Lisa on most famous photographs. 

So enter Rubi Rose who wants her shot at being the it girl for the game of the decade. To Wikipedia, Rubi Rose is an American rapper, songwriter, and model. To Twitter, she's their queen. I know her from sending Paul Pierce a fake number a few weeks ago when The Truth tried to shoot his shot:

Unfortunately for her, YesJulz also said she's willing to enter the battle:

It's time to pick your fighter. I just want a good video game after we've been waiting an actual decade for a new one. The rest is just icing on the cake.

Or YesJulz..