Connor Bedard Did SUPER STAR Stuff This Weekend In Florida

People ask me about Bedard literally every day. In the office. On the street. On the internet. When my dad calls me. When they do I throw up caution flags and tap the brakes. I think there's a faction of fans who thinks this is going to be a repeat of 2009-2015 because we have Connor Bedard. That is an unrealistic and unfair expectation and all you need to do to temper expectations is look at the Oilers and the Maple Leafs. Two teams built around MVP-type players who haven't been to the Final. We have a long road ahead. Bedard needs a TON of help. 

This was it though. This was the first weekend where I allowed myself to dream of champagne, parades, and being the cockiest hockey blogger on the internet. Road trip down to Florida against the last two teams to represent the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup Final and with all the star power on display nobody shined brighter than our beautiful boy. It wasn't just the goals. It was the type of goals. The aggression. The arrogance. The "fuck you" attitude of those types of plays. It was a sight that made me all warm and tingly inside. I've had some worries that I kept deep down inside because I didn't want to unnecessarily rain on the Bedard good vibes in the city, but I was concerned he wouldn't be one for playoff hockey. You look at what ultimately wins in the playoffs and it's the big, nasty, mean, teams that have guys who can play in any type of game. Guys like Eichel and MacKinnon get it done. I was worried Bedard would be too slight and maybe physically intimidated when the games got big and rough. I don't fear that anymore because of what we saw this weekend. He gets to anywhere he wants on the ice and in the highlight above used his anticipation and quick stick to create a goal out of nowhere. Then followed it up with a fucking dart. 

It's not just the goals. It's having eyes all around his head. How the fuck did he make this play?

He picked the pocket of one of the league's best players and created a 2-on-1 that shouldn't have ever existed and then finished it with poise. I love guys who LOVE scoring goals. The enthusiasm Ovi has when the puck goes in warms my heart. Bedard though...he scored goals this weekend and his reaction made me want get in a playoff series immediately and volunteer to fight someone on his behalf. He scored goals and had the MJ swagger and fuck you attitude. Stick twirls that had that "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?" Gladiator energy. You need that type of sand to win big and Bedard has it oozing out of him at the moment. 

Since the Blackhawks got embarrassed by the Coyotes, they've been great. 2-2 against teams with Cup aspirations and a star emerging. We are only 13 games into Bedard's career and we are starting to see the type of player that can drag his team into the game and create chances out of nowhere. He is averaging a point per game and he's still just learning while not having any other star players around him. Imagine how many points he will put up as the team gets better and he naturally has the puck more? Imagine what it'll look like if the Blackhawks add an all-star to his wing. We are setting up for a special run here. I am not expecting three Stanley Cups, but I am allowing myself to dream. The Hockey Gods gifted us this kid, now it is up to Davidson and Danny Wirtz to spend the money and surround him with the right players that get the absolute most out of him. 

And...he's a nice boy