Big Balls Dan Campbell And The Detroit Lions Walked Off The Chargers On A Last Second Field Goal!!!

What a fucking ballgame. This shit was a track meet. I thought one defensive stop would do it, but defensive stops were hard to come by. The last team with the ball won, and I'm happy it was the good guys. Per usual, the Lions offense was humming. Ben Johnson is a fucking genius, and this offensive line protects Jared Goff the way that I protected my VHS set of the original Star Wars trilogy back when I was a kid. 

Aaron Glenn's defense still needs a lot of work. I would be stunned if this lack of a pass rush doesn't come back to bite him in the ass at some point this season, but they keep winning, so fuck it. We can dissect the negatives after losses. 

After watching Dan Campbell's first year, I felt like the fan base would get tired of his constant rolling of the dice on fourth-down calls. Again, it giveth, and it taketh away, but for the time being, I'm slapping thighs and riding the waves until we're dropping loads like a goddamn dump truck. This shit is fun. I love the NFL, but Dan Campbell coaches the NFL like it's college, and I mean that in the best way possible. 

I have to say, the officiating in this game was dog shit. I am never a "blame the refs "guy. I've never been that way. I always think it's a cop-out. But the Lions were playing well in this game. They deserved to win, and the Chargers got bailed out by several pretty frustrating calls. But it speaks to why I said that this Lions team is different. They didn't embrace the bullshit. They overcame the bullshit—way to go.