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"Fuck you, I don't know" - Adam Driver Got Pissed At An Audience Member For Asking Why The Crash Scenes In "Ferrari" Looked Cheesy

You know you done fucked up when you got Kylo Ren mad at you. Adam Driver has been up and about promoting Michael Mann’s newest film “Ferrari” in which he plays the titular character. The movie looks pretty damn good, and it seems like it’s getting pretty solid reviews as well, but this reporter was not having any of it. At a recent press junket, Driver was asked why the crash scenes in “Ferrari” Look “cheesy,” and Adam Driver did not take kindly to it. 

I might be a bit biased here. I think Adam Driver rules. He’s one of my favorite actors working. He’s often the best part of any movie he’s in, and by all accounts, he seems to be a pretty meek and mild-mannered guy. I would not expect this out of him. From what I can recall, I believe the foreign press is known for being a little bit harsh. But at the same time, the lack of confidence this reporter delivered this question with made me think this might’ve been a language barrier issue. Maybe his terminology wasn’t what it was supposed to be. 

I watch a fair amount of interviews, and most are incredibly boring. Either the actors are bored or get asked the same generic questions. It’s pretty rare that you get somebody like Jake Hamilton, who puts legitimate effort into their questions. Because of that, I find moments like this really funny. I really hope it doesn’t become one of those things where Driver has to apologize for getting pissed off. If anything, the story will probably be good promotional material for the film. Everyone wins in the end.