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Forget Rookie Of The Year, We Should Be Talking About CJ Stroud As The MVP

Is it a longshot? Sure, of course. We're not dumb here, at least not always. But at what point do we start talking about CJ Stroud as MVP? The Texans were fucking awful and here he is completely outplaying Joe Burrow on the road. The dude just makes plays, it's the only way to describe him. A week after setting the record for most passing yards in a game by a rookie, just a little ho hum 356 yards. Yeah, he had the one bad pick, but who else is up there for MVP right now? 

It's as wide open of a race as I can remember. Mahomes hasn't been his typical lights out self. People talk about Lamar Jackson or maybe AJ Brown or Tyreek Hill. Hurts could make a case. But at what point do we start throwing Stroud there? I ask because I'm ready. They are 5-4 with games against the Cardinals, Jags, Broncos, Jets, Titans (twice), Brown and Colts left. That's ... that's not some daunting schedule. 

Back-to-back weeks with ridiculous game-winning drives. They can take advantage of the AFC South and that schedule. And again, who is the leader for MVP? There's no one just completely dominating and putting up ridiculous numbers. The craziest thing for Stroud is the fact this is the first game he's had any help in the rushing game. It's basically just him making plays. It's also him making plays with another rookie in Tank Dell. His weapons? Noah Brown, Nico Collins, Tank Dell and Dalton Schultz. Not exactly the Greatest Show on Turf.

I said it before but the Texans are fun as shit. They can blow a game, sure, almost happened today. But with Stroud they are always going to have a chance. Remember when this happened? 

He was onto something there. Fuck taking tests. Line guys up and see who makes plays. Give me that quarterback. Also, this guy should start taking a victory lap

Cal McNair and his wife were right. CJ Stroud is fucking awesome.