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This Jameis Winston Batshit Crazy Touchdown Reminded Us All How Amazing It Is To Watch Him Play QB

I would pay for Jameis to be my quarterback every Sunday. Pretty clear the Saints paid the wrong quarterback this off season because look what he has done in such a short time they were getting smoked. Winston comes in and flips this game on its head. With saying all of that, as a Winston fan when he goes crazy and throws one of the worst interceptions you can't get mad because thats what comes with the package. 

You know what you are getting from Derek Carr and that is always going to be mediocrity. With Jameis you are going to get Tom Brady or Zach Wilson with not much in between. He is a great leader and got screwed by some crab legs that he got for free and hasn't got his fair shake in the league. You tell me what other Qb runs to one side of the field and throws it to the other side sayinf fuck it to score a touchdown. There are so many dog shit Qbs in the league like Zach Wilson, Clayton Tune, Jordan Love so he deserves to be out their every Sunday.