Find A Better Catch Than Chris Olave In The Corner Of The Endzone Today ... I Dare You

CHRIS OLAVE CORNER POCKET!!!!!! This is the team I know and love that I stupidly, moronically, idiotically, and inexplicably gave out as a Super Bowl sleeper before the season. Just a hell of a play by Olave with a true "posterized" moment.

The Saints have been so frustrating this year and I'm not even a fan of the team. The pieces are all there- Carr, Kamara, Olave etc. It's a dog shit division which they should run away with. The schedule is fairly easy yet every week it's like they are getting their teeth kicked in or find themselves in a war with a shitbag team (no disrespect to the Vikings I actually think they are above average in the constant middle of the pack that is the NFL). I cannot imagine rooting for this team week in and week out. 

Also shoutout to me for finding the first blog worthy story in the 1pm slate. only came at 3:16 pm. What a dud of a day so far. Let's pick it up in the witching hour boys what do you say? 

Also let's pray to God the Giants win and knockout everyone in the pools... only to wake up Monday and have me cursing the Bills later that night when they lose and screw me as a touchdown favorite!