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Vanderbilt Coach Clark Lea Said Commodores QB Ken Seals Did A Good Job In Their 47-6 Loss Because He Gave The Team ‘A Chance To Punt’

There may never be a better argument for forcibly removing Vanderbilt from the Southeastern Conference than this quote from Clark Lea. I know it’s Vandy, but holy hell. An SEC head coach actually said after a 41-point loss that his quarterback did a great job putting the team in a position to punt. Taking money from real athletic departments’ success and using it for science labs for decades was one thing, but this is grounds for banishment straight to Conference USA.

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so pitiful. Actually, it is still hilarious, but it’s so shockingly sad you can’t fully appreciate the humor.

You simply can’t compliment your team for being in good positions to punt after losing 47-6 to South Carolina to fall to 2-9 in your third season. Butch Jones couldn’t have come up with something this bad, and I don’t underestimate his ability to embarrass often.

I guess the silver lining if you’re a Vanderbilt fan is that it’s basketball season.