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Boots On The Ground For The NHL Global Series Stockholm, Sweden

The time has finally come, The NHL Global Series in Stockholm, Sweden is here. I’ve been asked by hockey fans heading overseas for these games about this blog more times than Biz has changed favorite teams in the last 3 years.

First things first, when you get to the airport please remember to use this $EBR traveling tip when you are getting dropped off at the terminal if you are bringing extra bags. I expect the bags to be full of Pink Whitney and Big Deal Brew to replenish my stock here or to give to the thirsty Chiclets fans in Sweden who can’t get their hands on it.

Okay, you are on the flight and have your extra water bottles filled to the brim for the trip across the Atlantic.  Don’t be a rookie and get plastered on the plane, a couple of Reds are okay, but you don’t want to start a trip overseas being hung and jet-lagged.

Land at the airport go through customs get back and take the Stockholm Express train. Taxis and Uber are an option but you’ll need to refinance your mortgage with the amount Taxis charge in Sweden.


If you still need to book this and you're looking here for help you're in trouble. Tip of the pros get to your hotel and try to check in early. A little grease for the front desk will go a long way since tipping is a new custom. 100 Krona and ask for a better view. A 1-2 hr power nap will be huge in scaring off the jet-lag for the weekend.


Hotel - In Sweden more often than not breakfast is included with your room rate. You don’t want to miss it, a giant buffet of everything you can imagine will set you up for a long day of beers and hockey.


Kebab Pizza - Any local spot will suffice, a veteran move is to ask them to slice the pizza and grab an extra garlic sauce for dipping purposes.

Tennstopet - Traditional Swedish Restaurant that serves all the classic Swedish dishes. My favorites are Toast Skagen to start and then of course Köttbullar, the legendary meatballs.

Address: Dalagatan 50, Stockholm

O’learys - American Sportsbar with Boston sports team decor has numerous locations throughout Stockholm. The unlimited baskets of popcorn make the beers go down a lot easier.

    Addresses: Centralplan 15, Stockholm , Storgatan 27, Stockholm


Riche -  Located on the popular Stureplan, this is a spot for a fancy dinner and some fancy drinks. Red Wings fans keep your eyes open maybe you'll see one of your Swedish legends ordering up some of the famous meatballs.

Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 4, Stockholm

Meat on a Stick Kebab - Yes we're going for Kebab again, this trendy spot serves a fancy kebab with some great beers on draft. With 3 locations around the city shouldn’t be hard to find.

Addresses: Roslagsgatan 6, Skånegatan 88, Rörstrandsgatan 11 Stockholm

Frantzén - Personally I’ve never been here, but it pops up on this list because it's Maple Leafs forward William Nylander’s favorite Swedish Restaurant. A quick Google search tells me it's too much of a hero act for me, but if you're a Leafs' jock sniffer like Biz you may want to check it out.

Address: Kara Norra Kyrkogata 26, Stockholm

After Dinner Drinks:

Casino Cosmopol - There is a Strict Dress code and no yelling and screaming when you hit that double down like Whit in Vegas during the Cup Finals. Speaking of doubling down, don’t be shocked when they tell you, you can only double on 9,10, and 11s. Check to see how much the beers are before you order enough for the floor but if the wins are coming let it rip. 

The Soap Bar - This small club has great vibes and is right in the mix. It’s important to find this statue before you head in though. Rubbing her nose and belly brings good luck and if you’re a Leafs fan this may be the only way you’re going to help bring home the Cup.

Address: Nybrogatan 1, Stockholm

Tjalans - The hot nightclub in the “Stureplan Area”  Stroll around Stureplan and you’ll find the type of bar that fits your needs.

Address: Humlegårdsgatan 17, 114 46 Stockholm


Avicii Arena - All major arena events in Stockholm have taken place here since it was built in 1989. Originally known as The Stockholm Globe Arena its name was changed to Avicii Arena on May 19, 2021.

Address: 121 77 Johanneshov


Best Beer Before/After the Games:

Tolv - This place has it all, pool tables, shuffleboard, karaoke, miniature golf, and five different restaurants and bars to wet the whistle. You will not find any Big Deal Brewing but my personal favorite is the Swedish Falcon drafts. 

Address: Arenavägen 69,  Johanneshov in side Tele 2 Arena (Soccer Stadium)

Brödernas - If you have been following $EBR for the last couple of years you are well aware of Mika Zibanejad’s hamburger and pizza chain. The famous #93 burger has delivered us plenty of winners and there is always a large selection of beer.

Address: Arenavägen 69, Johanneshov

Blues Kök and Bar - A pitching wedge from the Arena, and the Falcon on draft is one of the coldest in the city. Try to get a corner seat so get a view of everything. 

Address: Arenavägen 61, Johanneshov

Keep it Pro:

- A 10% tip is enough on bills, service is included in prices, tips are a new thing in Sweden, just the last 3-4 years.

- During the weekdays lots of restaurants will offer a buffet or 3-4 entrees on special for Lunch.

- Ask for the Wifi password everywhere you go, your data will get eaten up quickly. 

- Fisherman shots are always a hit but these are serious so if you are in a long haul go for it. 


Enjoy the trip and if I find anyone from Chiclets Nation eating in a McDonald's or Subway it’s a 500 Krona fine. Hit up MAX Burger if you really need a fast food burger fix while in town. Hamburger Dressing dip for the fries is the play. 

Make sure to grab some Marabou Chocolate and Bilar candy on the way out of town to give the family when you get back home.

Everybody Rides!!

Twitter: mattmurley19

Instagram: murls_ebr