Alex Pereira KOs Jiri Prochazka To Become The NEW UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

What a night. Five fights on the main card, five KO/TKO finishes - all within two rounds.

Now I'll be honest, I think this fight mighta been called a little early for Alex Pereira, which definitely takes a bit of the wind out of the sails of the championship win - but it was still a pretty great fight, and I felt like the tide was turning with every leg kick Pereira threw.

We saw it earlier this week with Daniel Cormier - even 5% power from Poatan is serious business....

....and Jiri Prochazka's lead leg was BLUE by the end of the fight. No way he was gonna be able to stand on it for much longer.

Seeing Pereira get so much love from the New York crowd was really cool too - he's a full blown star in the UFC now. People just love his stoic personality and warrior mentality so much, and then pair that with his friendship with Glover Texeira and you're an instant fan-favorite. When he unleashed his imaginary bow-and-arrow during his walkout, the place went nuts.

It'll be interesting to see what happens next for that championship - but just like I said about this evening's co-main event, don't be surprised if they run this one back in a couple years. Jiri ain't done by any means. He's just getting started.