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Benoit Saint-Denis Just Landed One Of The Biggest Head Kick KOs Of The Year

Jesus Christ. They call him the 'God of War' for a reason.

We knew going into Benoit Saint-Denis vs Matt Frevola that we wouldn't be here for a long time - but rather a good time; I just didn't expect it to end SO quickly (and so violently). 

Frevola looked pretty good to start the fight, and landed a big slam takedown that had this hometown crowd on their feet going nuts for him, but as soon as he circled away from Saint-Denis and took his eyes off the prize for a SECOND - he got caught with a devastating head kick that put him out....

Matt Frevola is a friend of ours and a Stoolie who goes back a LONG time, so to be completely transparent - this sucked to watch. Benoit Saint-Denis is the REAL DEAL, though, and he'll probably be fighting for a title in a few years. 

Frevola will be back, too - bigger, better, faster, and stronger than ever. I'm sure of it. Sometimes it's just how the fight game goes - the most unforgiving sport on the planet.

Speaking of people who are the real deal - Diego Lopes kicked the main card off with a huge first round knockout of his own....

He may not have a great haircut, but he does have a great future in the UFC featherweight division.