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This Washington LB Dropped A Potential Pick Six So Far In Front Of The Goal Line That He May Need To Be Investigated For Point Shaving

Look, I don't see how you watch this play by Alphonzo Tuputala and disagree that there should at least be a cursory investigation into potential point shaving. The line was Washington -9.5 and Tuputala found himself with a chance to push the Huskies into covering territory in the third quarter so he did the only thing he could think of: dropped the ball at the 3-yard line and left it there for Utah to pick up.

I can't believe this still happens. It's so easy to not do this. You simply hold onto the ball until you are well into the end zone and hand it to the referee. Tuputala dropped it closer to the 5-yard line than the goal line. Insanity.

In a bullshit twist, the Huskies ended up getting a safety and the ball back, so it kind of ended up working out better for them than just getting the pick six. But that doesn't change the fact that this is an inexcusable play and this guy should be running gassers until he can't feel his legs on Monday.