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Michigan Coach Sherrone Moore Sobbed In His Postgame Interview And Gave A Touching Tribute To The Seemingly Deceased Jim Harbaugh

Man, what a beautiful tribute to Jim Harbaugh from Sherrone Moore and the Michigan Wolverines. For the team to be able to go out there and play at all, let alone pick up a huge win, just 24 hours after their head coach passed away is unbelievable.

Wait, sorry. I'm receiving word that Harbaugh is actually alive and well and was simply kind of suspended for being atop a program that was brazenly cheating over the course of several seasons. Six of one, half dozen of the other, really.

I honestly respect Michigan turning this whole situation on its head and acting like the aggrieved party in all of this. You'd think Harbaugh was suspended for exceeding the NCAA limit on Christmas gifts for homeless children or something. It's actually impressive.

Good for Moore, though. He stepped up and kept UM's undefeated season alive in its head coach's absence. I'm just glad to learn Harbaugh is still in good health after watching that interview.