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James Franklin Capped Off A Coaching Disasterclass With A Certifiably Insane 2-Point Conversion Attempt With The Game On The Line

James Franklin ... holy hell, dude. This two-point attempt was the cherry on top, but Franklin put one of the worst coaching performances you'll ever see on display from start to finish against Michigan.

Franklin kicked a field goal from the Michigan 3-yard line with a chance to score the game's first touchdown. He cowered on 4th and 1 in the second quarter and punted to the Wolverines, allowing them to take a 14-3 lead. And then after the Nittany Lions somehow dragged their asses into the end zone with at least a remote chance to get the ball back down one possession at the end of the game, Franklin pulled out this brilliant two-point play he's clearly been saving for a huge spot.

I don't recall one time in the entire game when Franklin made a decision that made me think it gave Penn State a better chance to win. Even just the act of going for two on the final touchdown was the wrong call given the circumstances. I understand — and usually subscribe to — the argument that you go for two on the first touchdown when you need two scores so you can adjust your strategy if you don't get it, but with the way Penn State had played all game, having an opportunity to get the ball back down one possession was worth infinitely more than potentially being down seven instead of eight. At every turn, Franklin seemed like he was trying to sabotage his own team.

Tough scenes.