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You Have To Win If You're Going To Do The Sign Stealing Celly Against Michigan

Penn State defensive end Dani Dennis-Sutton was feeling himself after one of his two tackles for loss on the day so far against Michigan and broke out the sign stealing celebration. That's a great troll and obviously Dennis-Sutton is doing about all he can in the game, but you simply have to win if you're going to do this.

The chirp just doesn't hit the same when you're down a touchdown. PSU's defense is doing its best to keep the Nittany Lions in the game, but if you lose by two possessions, you're the one that ends up getting clowned online for doing the binoculars celly. I know Dani can't go out there and put points on the board, but if you're going to bring this one out of the holster, you simply have to win the game.

This is going to be a very frequently used meme for quite some time, it's just a matter of by which fanbase. It was pretty funny, though.