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This May Be The Catch Of The Year In High School Football, But You Have To Feel For The DB Because I'm Not Sure There's A Single Thing He Could Have Done Differently

I originally was going to write this and praise the WR for what may very well be the best catch I've ever seen. No joke. Just an unreal and unlikely grab. Absolutely ridiculous. To not only have the sense to reach your arms around a defender, and then to pin the ball on the defenders back but then get away and scamper in for a touchdown is next level football IQ.

 I also wanted to give the WR credit for an all time celebration by simply putting up his hands in a shrug. 

Now you may say why is this so good, well because just as he pulled away from the DB who happened to think he made a stop, the DB quickly put his hands up to make sure he didn't get a flag but partly to wonder if the ball wasn't on the floor where it could be. 

The way it was executed and that it was such a big call back, I think it's more well done than the Jordan shrug. Yes of course Jordan's will always be more iconic and more well known, but in terms of just accuracy, I liked this kid's better. 

So yes I really did want to just make this about the WR, but the more I watched it the more I decided to change the angle to this … what the hell was this DB supposed to do? He face guards, has his body right up against this kid, and we're supposed to blame him because some WR might as well be a miracle worker? Hell no. 

Listen as a spotty defensive back myself, I got to stand up for my guys here. When you get beat you have to own it, I'm still not sure this kid got beat instead he was a victim of a divine intervention. I'm sure he got meme'd all over the town and across 10 towns once the highlight gets out, but I'm here to say this was just as much blind luck as it was skill by the WR and this defensive back shouldn't be dragged because of a miracle. 

Keep the head up kid.