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Frank The Tank Is A Modern Day Mob Boss

Can’t really sum it up any better than this. Frank The Tank has gotten to a level that local law enforcement not only waves to him but gets out of their cars to pay respects. This is the stuff that only happens to mob bosses. 

Speaking of mob bosses, there’s been whispers of Frank establishing a crew. One handles travel , another handles logistics. I’m told it’s straight out of Goodfellas, everyone wants to talk to Paulie (Frank) but Paulie (Frank) only talks to Six people.” 

It’s a riot to see in person. Frank got sick of answering to the man in the system so he became the man in his own system. Just an all time switch in roles. I can’t help but laugh at it sometimes. 

Anyway, this interaction had me laughing as well. The way the officer knows he is in the presence  of a legend and gets out of his car to say hello is so amazing. Much like if Tony Soprano was in North Jersey. Yes the cops are trying to take down everything he has going but the presence of these figures sometimes is so big they can’t help but wave or root for them. 

Just an all time interaction and of course Frank goes on ranting about something, complete with a bite down on his necklace.


All time interaction, the man is a bonafide celebrity and gets respect everywhere he goes. I just hope he keeps me around in NYC when he takes over the office with his crew.,