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OH MY GOD: Mavericks Announcer Absolutely Eviscerates James Harden In 2-Min Pregame Video

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Oh my goodness gracious. Meet Brian Dameris: Dallas Mavericks announcer and someone who either lost a huge bet via James Harden or somehow got royally cucked by the Beard in Texas. I can't find any other realistic explanation why Dameris would be so offended by Harden to take his soul in a 2-minute scripted pregame video, yet here we are. And nobody hates it one bit. The truth is deadly in this scenario and the Dameris owns all the facts. Bless you, Brian. Bless you hard. 

At least Harden answered the call last night…in the first quarter and first quarter only. 

That's the System, baby! And the now 3-5 Clippers lost by 18. What do you expect? A full game's effort in November from Harden. The man's got priorities and those priorities remain where he can make it rain. To each there own. 

Meanwhile, James Edward Harden's former team, the Philadelphia 76ers, are leading the Eastern Conference at 7-1 with their only loss being a 1-point fall in Milwaukee on opening night. To each their own, again. Now do me a favor and CUE IT.