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MLB Announced Their Platinum Glove Winners At 11:35 PM On A Friday Night As They Continue Their Fight Against Relevance

MLB just can't figure out what the hell they're doing. I'm sitting there on Friday night scrolling Twitter and I see tweets start to fly about the Platinum Award Winners for baseball. "Ah, I must have missed the announcement earlier tonight, let me check the tweet."

Nope, just your average 11:35 PM on the dot announcement! 

Now I get that the platinum glove isn't the MVP or Cy Young or anything. But being the best fielder in your league is still a pretty prestigious award. Maybe it's not the biggest news in the sports world but announcing the winners when people are sleeping or out at the bars is nuts.

I'd love to know the exact reasoning for announcing it that late on a Friday. Hell, the Gold Gloves were announced earlier this week…..why not just announce the platinum glove at the end of the Golden Glove announcement? So dumb and so baseball it hurts. Make it make sense baseball, make it make sense. 

I am kind of surprised MLB hasn't adopted the NFL Awards type ceremony yet and just announce everything in one night. Gather everyone in a city, throw a big party, and reveal all the winners at like 8:30 PM on a Saturday night after the World Series or something. Not a random Friday night at 11:35 PM. Robby Manfred just has to set his league aside and show everyone else how different they are. Great stuff here. No wonder MLB is struggling with the younger audience when their World Series games and award announcements are wayyyyy past kids bedtimes. Stay hot, baseball.