Tony Bennett Deserved The Right To Lose His Mind On A TV Announcer Who Told The Refs Their Call Was Wrong And Got It Overturned

I can honestly say I've never seen this before. Mind you the announcer was Cory Alexander. Why do I say that? Cory Alexander played at Virginia! He was a damn good player for them too. Now he's an announcer, typically on ACC Network/ESPN and this is what happened: 

I don't know if I've ever seen Tony Bennett that mad, but he had every right too. The review system in college basketball sucks. It takes too long, there are too many of them. No one is arguing the call shouldn't be right, but uh, why don't the refs have the same looks as the goddamn TV analyst? That makes no sense. I know Virginia ended up winning this game, but look at the time and score. You can't have the TV announcers getting involved here. We're not talking about cheering in the pressbox, we're saying they are telling the refs their calls are wrong and overturning it. 

Hilarious listening to Cory Alexander have no idea how to react either. He sounded like a kid getting yelled at by his friends dad. There's gotta be a way for this to never happen. It's disgusting. It's why I won't respect a ref. You couldn't get the call right after your review? Come on. Reviews are simple to me. You get 30 seconds. If you don't see anything in 30 seconds, call on the floor stands. Get back to some sort of flow in these games.