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Caleb Love Did Exactly What He Should Do After Beating Duke (Again) - Talk Shit To Those Nerds In The Stands

You may remember Caleb Love as this guy: 

Or you may remember him putting up a damn good game when they made former Coach K's last game a loss. Either way, the point is he owns Duke. You don't end a coaching career and then come in and lose again. That's right, he transferred to Arizona (after trying to transfer to Michigan). I love this move. Arizona is spending no time talking shit: 


Throw in Oumar Ballo blowing kisses at halfcourt right when the game ended and yeah, they knew what they were doing. Don't get me wrong this Arizona team is awesome. I'm talking can win a national title and no one should bat an eye. They have the bigs. They have the guard play. Kylan Boswell and Pelle Larsson will play in the NBA. Love is the guy who hit free throws late and more importantly his defense changed the entire game. Although, one could argue it was over the moment this happened

That's a man ready to storm into Arizona's locker room, give them a stern talking to about talking shit and then talk about how lucky they are to beat him before he corrects himself remembering he's retired. You want the truth about Duke? I didn't understand the talk of them as a top-5 team in the preseason. They are a bad rebounding team (showed tonight). They still play Ryan Young too much. And more importantly, their guards aren't elite, that really showed tonight. Every time they had a big possession it rarely ended well. Proctor was a mess. Roach is fine but he is who he is. 

This though? This was awesome. Give me more games like this to start the year. Give me guys talking shit because it's part of the game. Arizona is legit.