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Daniel Cormier Got SMOKED By A Golf Ball On Tiger Woods' Favorite Course

We had a bunch of UFC fighters in the office yesterday, being they're all in town for UFC 295 (which is the company's 30th anniversary card) at Madison Square Garden this weekend - and this story Chris Weidman told about playing golf with Daniel Cormier was my favorite anecdote of the day.

Cormier talks a big game when it comes to the links (do golfers say shit like that?), but Anthony Smith was quick to shut that narrative down and point out his funny looking swing on the show....

It's not THAT bad!

Anyway, Weidman tells us that DC got a hookup to play at the Riviera Country Club through Luke Rockhold - who famously took Chris Weidman's UFC Middleweight Championship from him at UFC 194 - but The All-American looked past that because of how much he loves golf, and he was glad he did. Why was he so glad, you ask? 

Well, because he got to watch Daniel Cormier get smoked in the leg by a golf ball as they were pulling off the first hole - apparently by a father/son duo who were UFC fans. Just picturing that scene play out on the first hole of one of the best courses in the world cracks me up. 

Cormier better be careful/wrap himself in bubble wrap, because if he keeps pulling stunts like this, he's gonna be in a boot like Billy!

Take is ease!

We also interviewed Matt "The Steamrolla" Frevola - who is actually fighting Benoit Saint-Denis on the main card tomorrow night….


….and as always, it was a great hang with the Steamrolla. He's ready for war and this interview only made me more excited to watch him throw down in that octagon. 

Frevola is a longtime Stoolie who has been on an unbelievable run lately (three first round knockouts in his last three fights) and I think he continues that streak tomorrow night, even as an underdog. If Saint-Denis tries to stand and trade with the Steamrolla, he's gonna get run right over. Frevola even told us our guy Paddy The Baddy may be getting called out again with a win here.

After those interviews, we broke down the whole card and gave our picks and favorite bets on each and every fight….

JackMac and I will both be in attendance tomorrow night, so if you see us on the concourse, make sure to say what's up!