At Least You Don't Cheer For The Panthers - A Team Who Sucks So Bad, Their Fans Are Organizing A Protest On Sunday To 'Demand Better Performance'

I love this move mostly because of how pointless it is. Marching around and protesting on a day your team isn't playing? Gotta do it. I get it. Watching your team stink year after year is horrible. You only get 18 games. It's not that long of a season when you're stuck waiting a week after a loss for any glimmer of hope. It's even worse when you flat out suck and don't even have a first round draft pick. Hey, at least the quarterback who went right after yours isn't setting history for a rookie or anything. 

Makes you wonder how the Panthers front office will react. It's not every day you get a bakers dozen of fans lining up a protest. Here's the thing though, you're the Panthers. I get you want to watch a good team, but you made a Super Bowl recently. Shit, you've made two this century. That's more than enough for the Panthers. Sure you haven't made the playoffs since 2017 but do you really think the front office is going to make some drastic change? Maybe they'll offer Miles Sanders more money. That's working out. Who knows? Maybe they'll get crazy and sign another aging wide receiver to give Bryce Young some weapons. 

I'm all for trying to bully your front office, but this ain't gonna work. You can't just march and protest. Take some examples from the soccer world: 

Gotta make your presence known! Wait until gameday at the minimum. You think anyone is going to give a shit after you lost on Thursday? Absolutely not.