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If I Had To Pick One Of My Co-Workers to Sleep With My Wife It Would Be....

I'd like to think life has purpose, but then I see videos like this and I know were just characters in a simulation. I mean who the fuck starts a reality TV for someone to FUCK THEIR WIFE. 

I miss the days where if you even looked at someones wife the wrong way you were getting a right hook to the chin. Now people pawn off their wife like a used pocket pussy, it's disgusting. Even though this show is a disgrace, it did have me thinking. If I had to pick one co-worker to sleep with my wife who would it be? 

Just to clarify, I'm not married. I have a roster of women, with 2-3 potential wives. Now that we're clear, if I were to pick one co-worker to sleep with one of my tings it would be the cream pie god himself, Connor Mook.

I mean just look at him, he's the best. 

Mook doesn't have a bad bone in his body, he's honestly one of my favorite people in the entire office. Plus, there is no way he is going to fuck my girl better than me, which means when I get back in her cheeks she's going to think I'm the Michael Jordan of sex. Although he can't fuck like me, I'm still a bit nervous about giving him the reigns to the horse. You see, he is the cream pie god, and if he has fast swimmers there's a chance that I'll end up as a step dad, that can not happen. You can fuck my wife, but you can NOT knock her up.

But, thats what they have plan B for so I think she'll be fine. 

Congratulations to Connor Mook! You can fuck my wife!