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The Youths Have Officially Lost Now That Brian Windhorst Is Saying "The Vibes Are Immaculate"

Every generation throughout time has created their own slang as a way of differentiating themselves from their parents and older generations. And while you may think this current generation sounds like a bunch of fucking idiots saying things like "bussin" and "rizz" and "slay", just remember you were a part of a generation who came up with shit like "talk to the hand" and "the bomb". 

The fact of the matter is that every generation thinks the generation or two ahead of them are a bunch of dorks, and they want to be as far removed from them as possible. And each time one of their phrases gets co-opted by the older generations, a little piece of them dies inside because they know they're getting closer to being old themselves. But the moment that Windy gets ahold of "the vibes are immaculate"? Well that's when it's over for good. 

The youths would have to start over from scratch. But they don't have enough time for that. There's another generation waiting behind them in the pipeline. What we just witnessed was a generational defining moment. Brian Windhorst just put the dagger in Gen Z. They're not cool anymore. They're old and lame just like the rest of us. 

They say the devil works hard, but Windy works harder. 

Oh and by the way--he couldn't be any more correct. This is the first time in forever that there doesn't seem to be a giant dark cloud hanging over the Sixers. From Markelle Fultz forgetting how to shoot, to giant collars with burner accounts, to Ben Simmons literally running away, to the entire James Harden saga, there has been so much shit lingering over this team. All of that is gone now, and the fellas are just having a good time playing some hoops. How arousing is that? Windy knows the answer.