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Adam22 Has Reached His Cuckold Magnum Opus: A Reality Show Where The Winner Gets To Bang His Wife Lena The Plug

It's me, your Adam22 and Lena The Plug beat reporter here at Barstool SPORTS. It's either this or you get more Keegs Taylor Swift blogs, pick your poison. So I wrote this blog about Adam22 potentially cucking his wife yet again after a video surfaced and went mega viral:

All I read in the comments there was that you guys wanted more updates and wanted clarity on what that video exactly was. And luckily for you all, we got the answer last night! Let me be the first to say I don't hate the name For The Love Of Lena. After all, if you watched the first scene of her and pornstar Jason Luv that we wrote about on here maybe 47 times, there was certainly love involved in that session if you saw Lena biting the pillow. I'd post that here but part of me thinks that's probably not allowed!

Anyway, I'm going to continue to at least slightly respect Adam22 for how far he's willing to take this entire bit. That's a man dedicated to getting his bread and does not give a single fuck about shame or public perception. I'll tip my hat to that. There's a line somewhere out there about greed and the devil, and whatever it is he's done tenfold. The good news is the shame in writing blogs about it is far less, and the numbies justify the means. 

I am a little bit curious to how this will shake out. I can't imagine a bunch of men competing for the chance to bang a pornstar will end up in anything but chaos, so consider my interest slightly peaked. But to all the people saying that we are in the end times, I don't blame you.

More to come on this story as it develops.