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Seeing The Celtics New In Season Tournament Court At The Garden Is Weird As Hell

Boston Globe. Getty Images.

Despite now being what I would consider an "old", the one thing I found myself disagreeing with when it comes to my fellow olds is how much everyone seemed to shit on and hate the NBA's new tournament courts. I get that people hate change and sometimes on the internet people trash on things just to be negative and trash on things even if they aren't even that bad, but I never really understood the hate. Some of the courts look pretty cool with the new design. 

But now that it's my favorite team's turn to change over their floor, I don't know how to feel

On one side, I do think this looks pretty clean. That's the new age part of my brain. We'll have to wait to see how it looks with the crowd and the players and all that later tonight, but from that video alone it looks like it has the potential to be pretty cool.


This is also the Boston Garden. The most iconic floor in NBA history. Never in my life have I ever seen the Celtics play a game at home that didn't have the parquet floor. The Celts and their parquet floor are how my brain understands and processes them as an organization. You never, ever have one without the other. It's as much a part of their brand as their 17 titles. I think this is where the "old" part of my brain comes in. That part wants to hate this court. It's offended at the idea of even considering doing anything different and not having any parquet for a Celtics home game almost feels sacrilegious. Somewhere Red is probably rolling over in his grave once he caught wind of this.

Basically, my brain is in a pretzel. I don't know how to feel. I think the new courts are cool and think it's a great idea for 29 teams in the league. I'm just not sure I'm ready for it to happen to the Garden, and this is coming from someone who thinks the color scheme is pretty clean! I just…feel weird seeing it actually be put together in real life. 

I'm not sure if this was pitched and was turned down or not, but I would have loved to see the stripe in the middle just be the parquet floor. Why isn't that a thing? The NBA gets their new look court and the Celts get to keep their iconic parquet court for those of us who care about history. 

Am I alone in this? Is it possible to like something but also hate it at the same time? I'm basically the real life version of this GIF right now

Giphy Images.

The whole thing just feels weird. That's really the only conclusion I can come to at the moment.