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It's Safe To Say The Barstool Bars Are A Celebrity Hotspot After Zach Bryan, Alex Cooper, And Dave Were All Spotted Last Night

It's time we talk about what we witnessed at the Barstool bars around the country last night. I consider myself relatively qualified to talk about this considering my age as a robotic blogger (∞) and my vast understanding of how bars and clubs operate around this Earth. One of the things that has been adjusted into my AI algorithm recently is that people just simply don't go out on Thursdays anymore post-COVID. There are a couple of musts in of a bar for a good night out: a crowd so you don't run out of energy by 10 PM, and good music to pair. That's it. Leave the thousand dollar bottle purchases to the crypto fellas trying to score a win before the next dip, or a nice occasion out. 

And like I said, the harsh reality is that the (new) adage of Thursdays being the new Fridays seems to be coming to an end. People are beginning to live just for the weekend. So if you told me there was a place that was bumping on a Thursday, then maybe, just maybe, we can get back to the sacrality of a good Thursday night out to start off a weekend. What I witnessed on Instagram this morning of locations around the country pouring delicious real Blanco tequila and real fruit juice High Noons last night at Barstool bars nearly brought a tear to my eye. Imagine going out on a Thursday night and seeing the hottest star in country music right now Zach Bryan asking you where his dawgs were at? We overuse the word electric factory, bananalands, etc, but if you don't agree, you may be beyond helping. Thursdays might be saved.

Or across the proverbial pond in Philly where "the New Oprah" Alex Cooper is hosting an afterparty for a sold out theater show with her surprise guest that got a pop like prime Stone Cold? 

Or the time that the Bills got stranded in Chicago over Christmas and QB1 Josh Allen decided to take matters into his own hands and held a party at Barstool River North? 

Or if that didn't do it for you, what about a literal King (of the South) across the country in desert at Barstool Scottsdale? 

That one was a little farfetched, but Dale Jr did show up there once:

Nevermind, that's just Riggs. But you'll just have to trust me, or even this video that the Scottsdale location is maybe the craziest of them all:

The reality of this situation is that Portnoy has done it again. He's saved small businesses. He's kept Smitty employed. But there may be no bigger feat than saving Thursdays by creating bars around the country that can still promise you a good time no matter what day of the week it is. That's the beauty of Barstool River North in Chicago, Scottsdale, Nashville, and Sansom Street in Philly. They're the best place to go watch a game, and if the games are over, they're the best place to go and party. Regardless of day.

I'd be remiss not to mention Stanton and Bowery who is the hospitality team and the owner/operator behind every one of the bars. The owners Rick and Josh over there do an incredible job and themselves and their team couldn't be a better group of people to work with. So the bad news is most of us missed what was an incredible night around the country around the bars and have to see it on social media, but I will find peace in knowing that it's a common occurrence and you never know what you'll get when stepping foot into a Barstool bar. Oh, and can we get one in Boston already?