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It Took An Entire Month, But The NHL Is Finally Too Easy For Connor Bedard

Things were starting to look a little dicey for a moment there. Connor Bedard went the entire month of October without recording a single game with at least 2 goals. It's like we were watching a replica of Alexandre Daigle. I mean 5 goals and 2 assists in the 11 games leading up to last night was certainly nothing to sneeze at, but Connor Bedard probably hadn't gone a month without scoring 2 goals in a game since the first month he started playing the sport. Every league he ever played in was doomed from the moment he touched the ice. Had he finally met his match with the NHL? As an 18-year-old kid playing against the greatest hockey players on the planet?

Turns out, no. 

He became the youngest player since the 40's to have a 4-point night in the NHL. It may have taken him a month to get his bearings, but the NHL is now suffering the same fate as every other league that Bedard has dominated. The CSSHL, the WHL, a brief stint playing in the U20 league in Sweden, and I'm sure whatever roller hockey league he plays in during the summers. Every league that Connor Bedard plays in ends up being too easy for him. Even if he's just a boy amongst men right now. 

Ovi hit 50 goals his rookie year. He had 8 goals and 5 assists through his first 12 games. Crosby had over 100 points his rookie year. He had 2 goals and 13 assists through his first 12 games. To be fair, Alexandre Daigle did have 6 goals and 9 assists through his first 12 games. So I guess the jury is still out on the kid. 

Either way, I can't wait for the inevitable Bedard vs Michkov rivalry to takeover the NHL. It'll be a little tough to get it started at first since they're obviously not coming into the league at the same time, and they'll be playing in different conferences. But Michkov is close to a point-per-game right now in the KHL after getting shafted by SKA to start the season. 19 points in his 21 games with Sochi so far. 

The moment this kid is able to get out of Russia and come home to Philly, the NHL is going to be set for at least the next decade. 

I'll admit, however, that Bedard might have the upper hand as far as development goes right now. Must be nice to have a former Hart Trophy winner come in to be your mentor right off the bat. 


That $4 million Perry contract might be the best money spent in hockey right now.