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'You're Not Getting Traded' - Josh Dobbs Talks About His Final Days As A Cardinal And How Head Coach Jonathan Gannon Kept Lying To His Face

Let's get right to the point here. This isn't the first or last time a coach has lied to a player about starting and/or being traded. But this is still an awful look for Jonathan Gannon. Even more so because this is what Clayton Tune did in his start: 

Any time you can start a quarterback who has 86 yards you simply have to. I mean sure, it's not like anyone was claiming Tune would be a star or even worthy of a start, but uh, this is what you went with? I get that you can say things on the podium and then go back to the tape and change your mind or whatever. But you for sure can't double down and say Joshua Dobbs won't get traded. That's coaching 101. You can't claim to be a player's coach and then have your one-time quarterback go public about you lying. 

We all know what happened too. Dobbs gets traded, comes in unexpectedly after an injury and wins the damn game: 

It's professional sports. Trades happen all the time. That's why as a coach you just gotta be honest. Hey you might be traded. We're figuring it out. That's all you have to say. I know Dobbs gets traded or released a lot, so he's used to it. Just tell him you might be getting traded. Don't flat out lie to him.