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The Oilers Lost To The "Worst Team Of All Time" Sharks #SaveMcDavid

Thearon W. Henderson. Getty Images.

Just 5 days ago, I wrote a blog after the SJ Sharks gave up 10 goals in back to back games, dropping to 0-10, with many people suggesting they could be the worst team in NHL history. Welllll, not so fast my friend! While the Sharks have nobody on their roster, you know why they aren't the worst team of all time? Because the god damn Edmonton Oilers exist.

Last night, the Oilers, with Connor McDavid, lost to the Sharks. THAT is how you become the worst team in the NHL. This is a squad with McDavid (best player ever), Leon Draisaitl (126 points last year) and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (104 points last year) who were supposed to compete for the Cup this season. And instead they are the laughing stock of the entire league. Tough scenes.

The coaches seem to see the writing on the wall

And in my opinion, the only move they have left is to trade McDavid to America. 


I will never stop beating this drum. Bettman needs to get on his David Stern shit and just start pulling strings behind the scenes. Be a Jeff D Lowe-esque crooked commissioner. McDavid doesn't just deserve better, the WORLD deserves better. #SaveMcDavid