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It's Time To Accept James Madison Is A Sports Powerhouse Now After They Somehow Forced OT Despite Being Down 5 With Under 4 Seconds To Go

I don't know what's going on with James Madison but they might be a sports school now. I mean we know their football team is undefeated and legit good. We know they started the basketball season by going to Michigan State and beating them. Now we got another overtime game because of this ridiculous comeback? Kent State is decent too! This isn't like they choked on the road against some scrub team. Kent State has a chance to win the MAC. 

But what is going on here? You can't commit an offensive foul on the inbound. That's like 4th grade stuff at the latest. You know what refs will typically do there? Call a foul on the defense the moment you touch the ball. Just make a cut. Use a screen! Okay, I can feel myself getting older as I typed that out. But it's true. I've watched far too many college basketball games to know that's what should happen.

Then again this is college basketball at its finest. College kids do dumb shit and make bad mistakes all the time. It's part of the reason I love this stupid sport. As I blog this JMU has a lead in OT, because of course they do. Credit to them, they took advantage of bad defense and made the shot. But something is going on with JMU. 

UPDATE Because of course after this blog Kent State did this to force double OT 

This game fucking rules.