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Did Harry Styles Shave His Head Because Taylor Swift Made Fun Of His Long Hair On One Of Her 1989 (Taylor's Version) Vault Tracks?

Wow. As I was recording an episode of the Dozen, the unthinkable happened. After seeing rumors all week and one single grainy photo sent into Deux Moi, Harry Styles actually cut those long locks we've all known and loved. If you listen closely you can hear the sound of hearts breaking all over the world, tears streaming down the faces of teenage and middle aged men and women alike. NOT HARRY'S HAIR!

I'm here to ask the question we're all thinking - did Harry cut his hair because Taylor made fun of it in a recently released track from the vault of 1989(Taylor's Version)? Here are the lyrics in question, from "Now That We Don't Talk" which, based on context clues and paparazzi photos taken at the time, is all but confirmed by Taylor herself, about Harry Styles:

You grew your hair long
You got new icons
And from the outside
It looks like you're tryin' lives on
I miss the old ways
You didn't have to change
But I guess I don't have a say
Now that we don't talk

Very interesting. Sure, these two have been broken up from their situationship for almost a decade. And, maybe, Harry had to cut his hair for a role or just because it didn't feel healthy anymore or something. OR maybe...he heard this line in this song, released one week ago tonight, and got embarrassed about the "cool guy facade" he started putting on after he and Taylor were splitzville. Hindsight is 20/20! He wants us to know he's not that floppy haired boy band fuckboy he used to be! He's done with drama in his life! He's made an honest man of himself, he's reformed his ways, and he's repenting. 

Message received loud and clear, Harry. Carry on. The Swiftie Grim Reaper will continue past your door without a slaughter.