What Is A Guy Supposed To Do?

I’m not sure what this guy is supposed to do in this situation. 

Yes, he’s clearly there with his girl/wife. And I always subscribe to the Sinatra mantra of “dance with the one you came with”.

But look at what’s going on literally inches behind his head.

Those ass cheeks are such weapons of mass destruction that the arena camera man focused in on them, and the production operator threw the feed to the jumbo-tron.

That’s not a chick with a nice ass in Alo pants walking by at the coffee shop and you getting caught taking a peak.

This is different. 

Is our guy not supposed to look?

If a guy was behind the girl helicoptering his dick around for the entire arena to gawk at, you’re telling me that girls not turning around to get a glimpse?

Giphy Images.

Worst part is either way this guy was fucked and you know he got yelled at afterwards regardless.