Wink Martindale Talking About Xavier McKinney's Comments 'Hurting The Locker Room' Is Exactly Why It's Time To Get Rid Of This Entire Giants Roster

Good! Great! Grand! Just another day in East Rutherford. We had Xavier McKinney going public with some comments after another ass kicking this past weekend: 

McKinney complaining about voices not being heard in the locker room except no one else apparently agreed with him. Then you had the whole reason why. ONE FUCKING PLAY. Hey man, I don't know here, maybe don't complain about one play when you can't make a tackle. If McKinney was having a great year, fine, complain all you want. McKinney has been a disaster like the majority of this roster.

It's exactly why it's time to blow up this whole thing. These guys stink. There are a few that can stay. Wan'Dale Robinson, Jalin Hyatt you can stay. Andrew Thomas, go get healthy. Micah McFadden has been a pleasant surprise. But basically everyone else? See ya. It's not even the losses. It's the fact they have no heart to compete. It's the fact they complain like this and you have Wink Martindale now coming out saying how McKinney is hurting the locker room. Awesome! Good job guys! Way to handle a year with somewhat expectations well. 

At least he's still starting this next game. 

*Use whatever fart sound you prefer here. Reader option really.*

It's just nearly impossible to still cheer for some of these guys. They've either run their mouths too much, are always injured or just flat out stink. This team needs a whole rebuild, again, something I'm sick of saying every couple years. At least institute a team rule that nobody can complain until you win a goddamn game again.