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Jared Leto's Crazy Ass Just Climbed the Empire State Building

Jared Leto is a fucking freak and this further proves it. What the fuck is going on?? Someone call Tyler O'Day! I have so many questions...starting off with WHY? Robbie Fox told me that Jared Leto is actually obsessed with climbing (Dana White told him). He apparently hangs out with the Free Solo guy all the time. He only climbed a portion of the Empire State Building and he had ropes so it was really not that dangerous but still. 

Leto climbed the east side of the building from floors 86 to 104, a roughly 20-minute climb to a point that was around 1,300 feet up in the air. I guess this was to promote the upcoming world tour that his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, that will run from March to September in 2024. Maybe just release a snippet of a new song or like a tour poster? WHY CLIMB THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING?! But I guess here we are talking about it so it worked.

I will never understand adrenaline junkies like this. I have never in my life wanted to go out of my way to risk my life. I ALMOST went sky diving once but had to back out because of weather and I was shitting my pants the entire time. 

I hate heights. This shit scares me so much. One big gust of wind and who knows what could happen. I hate it.