A Doorbell Video of Some True All-American Male Slipping Out of a House Shirtless Has Gone Viral, Proving that Dudes Do, in Fact, Rock

The story behind this video is still very much unclear. I've spoken to the owner of this account before and reached out in this instance for some context. You can see for yourself he's identified a particular individual as the subject of it. The protagonist of the story, if you will. And mentioned to me a coastal community near Boston and a liberal arts college. But the date, the time, the circumstances, and any other details of what we're seeing here, who leaked it and why, is open to interpretation. And it would be irresponsible, unethical, and downright unprofessional to speculate on who this man is, or who he may have just been with. 

All we can glean from these 18 seconds is that we are seeing a distinguished gentleman. Someone of advanced years to be sure. But virile, masculine, and in the prime of life. Also someone to whom good manners still count for something in this harsh world that seems to have abandoned all the rules of polite society. 

It appears to be early in the morning. Perhaps even at the first light of dawn. And what is our hero doing? Keeping it quiet. Carefully, gently, closing the door so as not to disturb the neighbors. He even considerately walked out into the chilly morning air without putting on a shirt, so as not to wake anyone in the house. This is obviously a man of good breeding, raised by a father who taught him well. But also, a man of great intelligence who's good at planning things, knowing his next move, and being several steps ahead of everyone he comes across. 

Who that could be, your guess is as good as mine. All I know for sure is that whomever this anonymous, manly, accomplished, intelligent and thoughtful gentleman is, he's my kind of man. Someone we should all aspire to be. "Walk of shame"? I beg to differ. This is someone doing the Stride of Pride.