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Biz Finally Got Around To Making A Cologne, And 'Rôde de Pine" Is About To Be The Official Fragrance Of 2024

You guys may recall a few years ago when Paul "BizNasty" Bissonnette first got into the fragrance game, when he wanted to create a cologne with the pride of Cologne himself, Leon Draisatl. 

Unfortunately, the Oilers are absolute dog shit right now. They're an awful hockey team, and being attached to them in any way possible at the moment would be an awful business decision. So after years of R&D and coming up with the perfect scent, Biz had to go off on his own to release his musk onto the population. Introducing, 'Rode de Pine'. 

"It smells like a mix between wood and ball sweat".

Imagine being one of these big name fragrance companies right now. The holidays are easily the biggest part of their year. I'd say 4 out of every 5 commercials during the holidays is a cologne or perfume ad. It's the perfect gift to get somebody when you don't want to put an ounce of thought into their present. They go months and months without anybody even thinking of buying a cologne, and then they pick up 95% of their sales in like a 3-week window. But now all of a sudden, here comes Biz with his ball sweat cologne ready to take up the entire market. 

Need something to get your old man this Christmas? Rôde de Pine. Need something to get your grandpa other than a bottle of wine you've got him for the past 7 years of Hanukkah? Rôde de Pine. Need something to get your boss for the office holiday party that won't get you fired? Rôde de Pine. 

Sidenote: It can't be stated enough just how good the NHL on TNT crew is. They might be the most important thing to happen to hockey since taking out the red line. Imagine if we had to sit through 5 more years of Mike Milbury up there.