BREAKING: Jason Benetti Leaves The White Sox For The DETROIT TIGERS

It's a bad, bad time in White Sox land. Sox fans are going  BAT SHIT over this news, as they should. 


I wasn't a "Benetti guy" personally. This is totally a "me" problem, but I always compared him to Hawk AKA the GOAT, and nobody's Hawk but Hawk. The majority of the fanbase would consider themselves Benetti fans, though, and for good reason. Dude's very, very fucking good at his job. 

Truthfully, I had a feeling he wasn't long for the organization though. He's crushing it with ESPN across like a dozen sports and I figured it was only a matter of time before he was a national household name in the broadcasting game. But I'm not gonna cry over the loss of a broadcaster. 

You just can't let him go to another baseball team though, especially a division rival, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE'S A LOT OF SOX FANS FAVORITE PART OF THE ORGANIZATION BECAUSE THE REST OF IT IS SO GODDAMN AWFUL. If he's hired away for a massive pay raise by ESPN to do national games with a lot more regularity, awesome. Good for him. PROUD of him. But… he's not. He's taking a job with the Detroit fucking Tigers. 

Calling PxP for the White Sox was his dream job, and he's at the point where he thought, "I need to GTFO". That's telling to me. The Sox just shouldn't have let that happen. Figure out a way to make him happy so you can save fucking face with the fanbase at least a little

They don't do that though. It's almost as if they go out of their way to piss off their consumer base as much as possible. 

Growing up a Sox fan, you'd think there's no way Jason would do this. I mean he's a REAL Sox Fan, too. He ain't pulling any Cusack bullshit, so you know this decision had to be super difficult for him. I'd imagine he's every bit as "out" on the organization as the rest of Sox fans are. The fact that this was even a possibility for him must be shocking, especially considering how good we thought the organization would be in the post-Hawk years. 

That in an of itself grosses me out. That the White Sox are so bad that their born-bred South Side Sox fan stud of a broadcast felt it was a good career move to dip out to fucking DETROIT of all places. 

Good for Jason on getting out, though. Be free, pretty bird. This organization will no longer hold you back. Time to see what Gordon Beckham's got. 

We detest the only thing we want to care about