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Giannis Got Ejected And Sat In The Stands With The Fans To Show Up The Stupid Ref

Giannis got paid so he knows he's got some wiggle room with fines. Refs not allowing taunting is so lame. Let players show some emotion and personality. The guy getting dunked on should be able to jaw back and go to the next play. There is also nothing worse when a ref throws someone out of a game and then doesn't talk to the player after. Especially after you throw out the best player on the team. I think he deserves an explanation. 

Good for Giannis though, because when you get ejected you might as well just go full out. I wish he stayed in the stands longer and started eating some hot dogs because seriously some refs get off on this shit. Giannis just showed emotion and Adam Silver should be telling the refs to let the players do this shit because guess what the fans love this even more. I wish he didn't leave ever and made him go to the locker room. This really does make me so mad when refs get on their high horse because people do pay to see Giannis play and if he deserves to get thrown out I get it completely. When it is soft like this there is just no reason for it. 

Love the fan having his camera ready to record that whole moment. Hope he got it because that's awesome. Made that guy's night.