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JUSTICE FOR RICO: He Wasn't Being Lazy, His Mop Was Compromised By The One And Only Nicky Smokes

We saw what happened. Rico Bosco out here looking miserable with a mop. A sad display. A bad display even. 

Then we found out the truth and I'm not just saying this because I'm scared of burners. I'm not trying to stay on a good side here. The man's mop was compromised by Nicky Smokes. 

Nicky Spills? Boom, roasted. Can't be surprised. You don't know what you're going to get from Nicky. Luckily we have video evidence to support Bosco's claims. 

Some are saying that Bosco should be aware of the surroundings and not mop under Nicky's seat. Not me. I say don't spill your beer. Don't be an animal here and just drink it. Either way this makes a lot more sense now: 

Sure, Rico could 'hustle' more or 'try' harder. But the fact is he should not be blamed. Leave Rico alone!