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If A Player Does The Chicken Dance After Scoring A TD This Sunday, Shake Shack Will Give Away Free Chicken Sandwiches To Everyone!

Dylan Buell. Getty Images.


This is such a no-brainer. In fact, if the first person who scores on Sunday doesn't do the Chicken Dance, they are dead to me. Why? Because it's the easiest thing they can do for the world. If there is one thing I know about my fellow citizens, it's that we LOVE free shit. I mean we love it more than we love anything. We get conditioned at a young age to shake our ass for a free XXL tshirt at sporting events and get hooked on free shit for the rest of our lives. Doesn't matter if it's an ill-fitting shirt, a keychain, or a chicken sandwich, our caveman brains can't get enough of it, as long as its free.

And that is what an NFL player can do for us on Sunday. A tiny sacrifice of doing the Chicken Dance for a lifetime of love and memories from the world. Plus, it's a free pass- nobody will complain about the player fucking up their fantasy team again. You start to get mad but then remember how good that herb mayo was and all is forgiven. Everyone wins here.

Here's the nitty gritty details I legally have to tell you:

  • If any NFL player celebrates a touchdown with the Chicken Dance this Sunday, Shake Shack is offering Free Chicken Shacks for a week (with eligible purchase)

  • Their Chicken Shack is the sleeper of the chicken sandwich game, but it easily surpasses the others

  • It’s got crispy white meat chicken breast over lettuce, pickles, and buttermilk herb mayo on a toasted potato bun      

  • Tag your favorite NFL player on social media and try to get them to do a Chicken Dance if they get to the endzone this Sunday!        

  • The promotion will go through Sunday, 11/19 and is available at participating Shake Shack locations and on the Shack App/website - enter code CHICKENDANCE when ordering online            

  • Learn more at and keep your fingers crossed for a Chicken Dance on Sunday, November 12th! 

Terms Apply - free Chicken Shack available between November 12th and November 19th when you spend more than $10.

As they say, nothing tastes as good as free feels, but in this promotion you get both. You buy yourself a shake and fries and get the chicken sandwich on the house. Don't let the world down, NFL. We need this more than ever.