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These Masterclass Interviews During The Barstool Invitational Should Be Taught In Journalism Classes Across The Country

This is how you do it, take note every Journalism 101 teacher out there. No more being worried about AP style. No more being worried about how a team name is their and a school is its when referencing such a thing. Have Big Cat teach questions like 'have you thought about shooting the ball more?' You know why? Because this is what anyone who is on the over or Loyola is thinking. Think about how many games you sit on your couch and let out a 'shoot' at some point? It's a lot! Even if you hate the 'shoot it' guy, you're that at least once in your life. 

And listen, Loyola's assistant handled this perfectly. He was put on the spot, slightly dumbfounded, and answered correctly. Yeah he wished that shot went in. No more just talking about culture or playing harder. We want Connor Stalions answers! 

Big Cat a little busy? Fine. Get Rone in there to get to the bottom of what pressure really means

That's honesty right there.