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'It's Uncalled For! We're A Big Time Program!' - Steve Alford Is Sick And Tired Of Bats Attacking Nevada Games, Demanding They Stop

You hear that bats! You stay the fuck away from Nevada! They are a big time program, damnit. They can't be out here dealing with bat delays like they did last night. 

I'd go the opposite way if I was Alford though. The bat delay helped stop a Sacramento State run. Do you know how embarrassing it'd be for a big time program to lose to someone like Sacramento State at home? Save that for Michigan State this year. In fact I'd have a bat guy lined up just to help stop runs from other teams. Stuck in a shooting slump and the opponent on a 12-0 run? Release the bats. Regroup and start over. Basically become Tom Crean and look for a vampire bat. 

Plus, his complaint doesn't even make sense. Why would Spider Man come if there are bats around? Batman would come. I don't see spiders on the court. I'm not even a comic guy and I know that's how it works. 

He might have a point though. Bats don't attack big time programs in college basketball. Obviously they attack the Spurs and Mano, but in college hoops they attack Marquette, Providence, Sacramento State and Nevada. One of the funniest pictures of all time was back 10 years ago when a bat attacked the Marquette/Providence game