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Patrick Dempsey Has Been Named 2023's Sexiest Man Of The Year And HE DESERVES IT

You can say what you want about this decision. What is it, 2006? He's old! He's irrelevant! WHO CARES. HE IS HOT. Look at that salt and pepper hair! That amazing jawline! Patrick Dempsey has been sexy for YEARS and it is about time he gets the recognition he deserves. He has also been in some TIMELESS movies like 'Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Enchanted'. And I am mean, Greys Anatomy??? HE IS MCDREAMY FOR A REASON! 

HOW is this RUBBISH? I MEAN LOOK AT HIM! This is Patrick in 2016. 

Anthony Harvey. Getty Images.

This is Patrick now. 

Mondadori Portfolio. Getty Images.

This man is AGING LIKE FINE WINE. I mean cmon! You can't say that his man is not sexy enough to win. He is gonna be in the new 'Ferrari' movie and he looks incredible. I will not stand for McDreamy slander. I saw a lot of tweets about how it should've been Pedro Pascal. I love Pedro. He is the definition of Daddy, but he has time. Pedro has blown up over the past few years and is continuing to grow in stardom. Patrick Dempsey has been waiting for his moment! 

Giphy Images.

Congratulations, Patrick. Continue to slay the way you have been for YEARS.