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The CFO Of The Las Vegas Sphere Reportedly Walked Out And Quit After He Got Screamed At By James Dolan During A Meeting

Ethan Miller. Getty Images.

NY Post- The financial chief for Madison Square Garden’s splashy new Sphere arena in Las Vegas abruptly quit his job last week after facing an angry bout of “yelling and screaming” from his billionaire boss James Dolan, The Post has learned.

Gautam Ranji — who had worked as chief financial officer at Dolan’s $2.3 billion, high-tech venue in Las Vegas for just 11 months — resigned from his job last Monday, indicating his last day would be Friday, Sphere Entertainment revealed in a securities filing late Friday.

The filing didn’t elaborate, but according to a source with knowledge, Ranji delivered his notice in the middle of a meeting with a handful of senior execs including Dolan, the bombastic owner of the Knicks.

According to a source with knowledge, Dolan was “yelling and screaming” at Ranji, who in response “calmly” left the room and gave his notice to the company’s general counsel.

“Gautam is very calm and usually can take it and roll with it,” said a source, who explained that the CFO had enough of Dolan’s hair-trigger temper.

Dolan, meanwhile, “is the consummate hammer,” the source added. “He treats everyone like a nail.”

I'm not going to do what everyone thinks I'm gonna do and go on a diatribe about how James Dolan an entitled asshole that treats everyone like shit then end everything with the infamous video of him playing kazoo like an absolute bozo.

I've written that blog a thousand times and at this point, if you don't know what kind of person James Dolan is, that's on you. Besides, it's been months if not years since he meddled with the Knicks and fucked things up.

Which is why I am going to spend the rest of my time writing tipping my cap to Gautam Ranji for peacing out on that meeting. I know it can't be easy to say goodbye to a job with that I was likely paying Gautam somewhere in the Fuck Ton Of Money salary range at a place that was getting this type of critical reviews.

But I imagine dealing with an angry elf boss that is constantly screaming like a baby who just got his binky taken away must get old really quick. Those are the types of bosses that has employees dreaming of quitting in two ways. 

Either like Scarface from Half Baked:


Or like Gautam Ranji from The Sphere:

Giphy Images.

Now I guess you can make a case that ol' Gautam's time as CFO may have been up sooner or later based on how the F he was in charge of being the CO for has been going and he was due for a tongue lashing (I admittedly have no fucking clue about finance let alone what a chief financial officer does).

The Sphere is expected to post a quarterly loss of $1.27 a share, according to a survey of Wall Street analysts. Revenues are expected to be $117.3 million, down a whopping 71% from the year-ago quarter.

Dolan, the billionaire cable TV scion who owns the Knicks, the Rangers, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall and other venues, shelled out more than $2 billion to build The Sphere — more than $1 billion over budget.

However I choose to believe that he was sick of working for an entitled asshole that treats everyone like shit despite being the biggest clown shoe on the planet.


Oops, I did what I said I wasn't gong to do! I guess old habits die hard when discussing an absolute crumb bum that is forever number 1 on my Hiss List now that the Wilpons are no longer running the Mets into the ground.