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The San Jose Sharks Have Won A Hockey Game! I Repeat, The San Jose Sharks Have Won A Hockey Game!

Andreea Cardani. Getty Images.

Anyone who has been around Philadelphia Flyers hockey for any amount of time could have told you exactly how that game was going to play out last night. 

The San Jose Sharks went into the game at a shockingly abysmal 0-10-1. 11 games to start the season, 11 straight losses. It was tied for the 2nd longest winless streak to start a season in NHL history. We're talking a historically dog shit hockey team here, folks. But the moment you saw the Philadelphia Flyers up next on their schedule, you knew. 

Because that's just what the Philadelphia Flyers do. Whether your team is looking to break a winless streak, a player is looking to snap out of a scoring slump, a player is looking to reach a certain milestone, it doesn't matter. The Flyers always find a way to be the team it comes against. 

The San Jose Sharks could find a way to go 2-70-10 this season, and I can guarantee you that both of those wins would come against the Flyers. There's just something about this organization that makes them a magnet to getting violently dunked on at the absolute worst time, every time. 

And now I know what some of you may be thinking to yourselves right now. "Hey, Jordie, you goofy looking dickhead. Didn't you just write a blog about how the Sharks should be relegated, and now your Flyers just gave them their first win of the season?"

First off, please click that link so I can get two-for-one pageviews here. Secondly, you're not going to get any argument from me on that one. The Flyers should absolutely be relegated as well. You probably won't find a more staunch supporter of the Flyers not being in the NHL for a few seasons than me. This team needs to just go away for a few seasons until Matvei Michkov comes over from Russia. Michkov, Cutter Gauthier, whatever top 5 pick they'll end up with in the draft this year. Once that happens, we can start caring about the Flyers again. But until then, let the entire team develop in the AHL for a couple of seasons. Especially Gritty. 


Anyway, congrats to the Sharks. Here's to hoping they can ride this momentum into tomorrow night and beat the brakes off of Edmonton. Let's get that panic button going in Oil Country. Some coaching changes, GM seat temperature rising, maybe a McDavid trade request. If the Flyers losing to San Jose sparks a domino effect that eventually gets Connor McDavid out of Edmonton, it'll all be worth it.