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This "Stat" From ESPN Is The Final Straw. We Need To Start Bullying Nerds Out Of Sports Again

Pretty much every issue we're dealing with in society today can be attributed to giving too much power to nerds. We used to be a proper country. Society used to have rules. If you were a nerd, you stuck to doing nerd things. But there were a few cracks in the wall that separates the nerds from athletes. We figured we could get around to fixing those cracks later, but we kept pushing it off too far until the wall started to crumble. Now there's nothing separating the two, and nerds have taken over sports entirely with their analytics. They watch the game through calculators. 30 years ago, you'd get your head flushed in a toilet for even knowing the world "algorithm". Now these nerds are able to use whatever nonsensical math equation they want to put out the shittiest rankings known to man on the supposed "worldwide leader in sports". 

The Philadelphia Eagles are 8-1. They're the only 8-1 team in the National Football League. They beat the piss out of the Miami Dolphins, and shut out their "unstoppable offense" in the 2nd half. They just beat the Cowboys, after Dak had so many opportunities to go out there and win the game for Dallas but he's simply not capable of sacking up and doing the thing. The 49ers have just lost 3 games in a row. The Bills are frauds. The Ravens might be decent, but they could also be bad. The Chiefs are whatever. The fact that some group of nerds have figured out some sort of equation to run in their calculator to rank the 8-1 Philadelphia Eagles behind all 6 of those teams has to be the final straw. 

We need to get back to bullying. That's when we were great as a country. 

We cannot sit back and just allow these nerds to make a mockery out of sports like this. It's almost like they're just fucking with us at this point. Like the nerds are trying to see just how far they can go before we finally start to push back. That time has to be now. I'm not saying that all stats are bad or anything like that. Stats definitely have the ability to tell you about a team. But stats that actually matter like this one. 

Jalen Hurts is a dawg. When the pressure is on and the team needs him the most, he turns into the best quarterback in the league. Dak Prescott is a loser. When the pressure is on and the team needs him the most, he crumbles and shows the world who he truly is. The game is played by dawgs, and the game is played by losers. Whichever team has more dawgs on the squad is probably going to come out with the W. But you can't plug that into a calculator, can you? 

Moral of the story here is that nerds have a purpose in society. We need people who can figure out how to make this computer that I'm typing this blog on. We need people who can cure diseases. But bullying also has a purpose in society. And that purpose is to make sure that the nerds stick to doing what they do best, and stay the hell away from sports. We need to get back to that. We just can't go much longer with having people ranking the best team in football behind two teams they beat head-to-head and another team that just lost 3 in a row.