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Fuck Around And Find Out: Crazy Video Of Three Men Gambling in a Garage Managing To Fight Off Multiple Armed Robbers

Alternate angle

Daily Mail This is the wild moment three Vietnamese men gambling fight off two armed robbers who interrupted their card game in an attempted stick-up. The incident took place at a home on Alaska Street in Tacoma, Washington. 

One of the men shared that one of his co-gamblers was his uncle and claimed that there were two other men involved who were outside in the getaway car.

'There were 3-4 robbers involved in this crime. In the video, you can only see 2 of them inside, while the others were waiting in a car outside. Because of the camera angle, they aren't visible on the street,' they wrote.

'What happened next is that after my uncles confronted the 2 robbers inside, one of them in the car intentionally hit one of my uncle's cars in front of the garage to create chaos. Then, they all jumped on the car and fled. 

'Two of them have already been arrested,' they said.

It's strange I haven't seen this story anywhere besides the Daily Mail, but the whole thing is nuts. Just a couple of fellas drinking in their garage, playing some cards, trying to shut off from the rest of the word and in come these motherfuckers armed with rifles. Next thing you know, these guys in the garage overtake the gunmen and chase them away. The definition of fuck around and find out. 

Have to think the guy who initially charged was up a lot of money on the night, right? He wasn't letting a gun get in the way of his big win. The moment that rifle got swatted away it was over. Textbook bullrush and as bad ass as it gets. In that spot myself I'm just forking over all my belongings and waving them good bye. I have zero hero in me whatsoever. 

Tough scene being armed robbers and you end up getting robbed. That drive home gotta be in total silence. You had a gun, real or not, threatening a few people sitting down completely caught off guard and you ran away with nothing. Do you even try to go back on a later date or do you punt that idea and move onto another town? I think the latter. Just take the L and move on. 

So what did we learn today? Don't mess with people gambling in their garage. They've got nothing to lose. That's weekly game is the one thing they have left in their life that they love. Mess with the bull and you get the horns. These robbers got the horns and they'll never forget it.