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Shoutout To These Two Whales Who Actually Made Whale Watching Worth It

UPI - Passengers on a California whale watching boat were treated to a rare encounter when a pair of humpback whales swam over for a 3-hour visit.Capt. Delaney Trowbridge of Newport Coastal Adventure said the passengers and crew spotted the two whales off the Orange County coast and, to their surprise, the whales came over to investigate the boat.

"A pair of humpback whales curiously investigated and played with our boat for nearly 3 HOURS," Trowbridge wrote in a Facebook post.

She said it was "one of the best humpback encounters of my career."

I have only been whale watching one time, and my takeaway was that above all it was MASSIVELY UNDERWHELMING. Now let me first say I not the biggest boat guy in the world so spending a day in a life vest is not what I consider a top tier activity, but even with low expectations I felt like it fell flat. I would be shocked if anyone else with a brain didn't think the same way. 

It feels like you sit on that boat for hours at a time and if you're lucky you see a whale jump up at you 4-5 times. And if that they move on rather quickly and then your just out there sitting on a boat with nothing to eat, and nothing to drink with a guy talking over a bad sound system telling you things you can very clearly see (or not see) on your own. Very underwhelming type day, very underwhelming type activity. You could literally list 6-7000 things I rather do on a Saturday or a Sunday. 

That is why when I saw this video the thing that jumped out to me was how much of a hat tip these whales should get for putting on an absolute SHOW. Do you realize how many people walk off a whale watching boat and use I use that term lightly being like that sucked ? The people on this boat should be counting their lucky stars at the experience they got. Literally one in a million.